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The main objective of this Marie Curie RISE action is to improve and exchange interdisciplinary knowledge of materials design by modelling, materials synthesis, characterization, and materials processing for permanent magnet development to be able to provide a critical raw free permanent magnet to the industry. Permanent magnets are indispensable for many commercial and military applications. Major commercial applications include the electric, electronic and automobile industries, communications, information technologies and automatic control engineering. Development and improvement of new technologies based on permanent magnets requires the joint effort of a multidisciplinary researcher collective, involving the expertise of participants on different disciplines including physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering. A consortium with such expertise is put together to undertake an integrative and concerted effort (via knowledge transfer) to provide the fundamental innovations and breakthroughs that are needed to fabricate/implement industrially new phases and microstructures required for the development and application of advanced permanent magnets without the use of critical materials.


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“Future Perspectives on Novel Magnetic Materials” register is open

Registration for the event “Future Perspectives on Novel Magnetic Materials”, which will take place from May 29 to June 3 at the Santorini Palace Hotel in Oia Santorini, is now open. For more information consult the web www.inapem.eu/santorini-workshop/ where the program is and you can register.

The INAPEM project sponsor of the I National School of Magnetism “CALI SCHOOL MAGNETISM, 2018

The INAPEM project is a sponsor of the I National School of Magnetism course “CALI SCHOOL MAGNETISM, 2018”, which will take place at Universidad del Valle (Cali- Colombia) from February 26 to March 1, 2018. The purpose of the School of Magnetism is to disseminate topics of Magnetism and